Friday, September 30, 2011

Wants of the Week

My dear cousin, was gracious enough to gift me a sephora gift card. What a surprise, and what a treat! I am so excited to have a little is what I am thinking...

1. Backstage Brow Kit, By Dior-my brows are my signature trait, I need them to face my day. I would love to create fun NEW shapes depending on my mood...or maybe just use them on my clients?!
2.Galion (Slate Grey) nail color By Nars-a girl can never have enough polish...
3.Balms Away, By The Balm- I enjoy their packaging, this is one of their best it's a must to try...and I'm always in need of makeup remover-so it's practical!!
4. Sparkling Lickable Body Powder (Marshmellow)By Urban Decay-HOW FUN! I am in awe of their Holiday collections, the photo shoots are stunning. It makes me want to paint faces...and my body with this neat lil'puff!
5. HD Foundation, By Makeup Forever- my gal, Amanda, writer of Veganlicious, uses this foundation and her skin always looks healthy and fresh.
6. FatgirlSlim Treatment Kit, By Bliss-Back in the day, when Fatgirlslim first hit stores, I bought it. I did not use it I saw no difference, BUT this kit is a super great $ and it comes with the brush (I really wanna give it another try!!)

What would you get at Sephora????

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