Friday, August 7, 2015

Be Bold

Hello gal pals!!! I just hosted my first Makeup Seminar, and wanted to thank everyone who attended the event!! It was such an amazing night- full of laughter and lots of girl talk!! We had healthy food, yummy sweets, champagne, coconut water, amazing flowers, girly music!! Ah! It was a perfect group of ladies too!! I hope everyone had as much fun as I did!!

I demonstrated one of my favorite looks right now, and thought I would give those who were not able attend a brief overview so you can learn how to create this look too! It was all about creating a flawless complexion paired with bold brows, bold lashes, and a fun bold lip!!!! 

Skin Prep

I am going to say something crazy...Prepping your skin is more important than the actual makeup application. What??? I know it sounds odd, but it's so true!! Always cleanse, tone, detox, and hydrate-especially under the eyes!! Next apply an oil control primer in your T-Zone and/or a hydrating primer in the drier areas like your cheeks! Diffusing shadows and texture is another great trick to help reduce the appearance of wrinkles and sun spots before even thinking about foundation. Products like Dior's Dreamskin or Buxom's Divine Goddess Illuminator are perfect to make the skin appear youthful and more even!


When your complexion is clean and appears flawless- bold makeup will take on a more natural look, and won't look so wild! Apply your foundation and concealer first, and instead of using a bronzer in a powder formula, try a cream foundation in a deeper hue. Here I am using Bobbi Brown's Foundation Stick in Warm Almond to contour the cheek bones, forehead, jaw line, the nose, and a little under the bottom lip! I like to blend this darker foundation color into the complexion with my all time fav brush The #130 Short Duo Fibre by MAC.

Next add some life to those cheeks! My only rule is to match the blush and lip color for a cohesive look! Think about the undertone! Red goes with Red, Blue/Red pairs with Blue/Red, Yellow/Orange with the same undertones,  and so on with Red/Orange!

Adding a contour underneath the bottom lip and a hightlight or a glow on the top of the lip/in the bow of the lip can visually enhance the size of our lip shape. I like to add a little bit of Baremineals Queen Phyllis  eyeshadow right in the bow of the lip - it catches the light perfectly and in my opinion looks better than drawing over the lip with lip liner.

Bold brows are on every gals mind right now, and the bolder the brow the more youthful we appear! But what about all the ladies who over plucked? Maybe you're experiencing hormonal hair loss, or you've got some wiry little gray hairs all of a sudden?! There are pencils out there to help you create new shapes, but you have to be careful with how boxy the front ends up. We don't want our brows to be too obvious or appear fake! I like to draw one line under the brow to create a seamless line - than I go back with a brush to soften and lift the product into the rest of the eyebrow. If you have empty spots, go back in with a quick hair-like strokes to create a fuller appearance. Try a brow gel for those wiry little guys and remember to comb upward - this will create a lifted appearance for the eyes and face making us seem more awake and lively!

Eyes + Lashes

BIG + BOLD lashes make you feel sexy! Here are a few tricks to make what you got look a lot fuller! 

1. Curl the lashes 
2. Apply Dior's Lash Maximizer- Wiggle the brush at the base of the lash, and than pull into the tips of the lash. Let this dry for a few moments! 
3. Apply your favorite mascara with the same application technique - base to tip! 
4. Apply some small individual lashes on the outside of the eye, and mini individual lashes on the inside of the eye to create a fuller appearance. Remember to glue them onto the actual lash- do not apply the tip of the false lash to the skin! Try a black glue so there is no shiny residue to be seen. 
5. To finish this look, add Dior's Blackout mascara to blend the false lashes into the real lashes and intensify the color. Yep, there are many depths to a black mascara, so this one is 15X the pigment of others! 

To enhance the lashline, try the tightlining technique- this means filling in the little gaps between the lashes! Pull your eyelid up a little with your thumb, and press an eyeliner into the gaps on the lash line to get product between the lashes.

The best way to hide your sleepy eyes from the outside world is to apply a BOLD lip color! People's eyes will instantly be drawn to the beautiful color instead of your dark circles! Bold colors also seem more confident, so rock that bold color at your next job interview and especially if you work in sales!! My favorite color for this season is an orange red - and LadyBird by Butter London is such a hot color!! Plus, you have a lip liner, a lipstick, a gloss + pencil sharpener and you only have to carry around one product! *With LadyBird lip color, I would recommend to pair it will a light peachy blush like "Deep Throat" by Nars. 

A special thanks to my right-hand gal Makeup Artist Kim Baker. I don't know what I would do without her sometimes! She is the best assistant ever!!! 

Venue + Rentals: Pleasanton Rentals || Photography by: Ashley Maxwell || Floral Arrangements + Flower Wall by: Freckled and Floral || Desserts by: Ma Petite Maison Cake Design || Customized Pencils: A Blissful Nest Shop || Napkins: Southern Fried Paper || Swag Bags are filled with: Butter London, TypeLites, Fauxlash, Rodan + Fields, and It Works

Monday, November 3, 2014

Bridal Beauty Style with is a blog that helps brides design and plan their dream wedding. They have asked me to get a little creative, and create the perfect bridal makeup looks based off my favorite wedding gowns on their site. This is actually something I do with my brides too! I need to see "the dress" to help me figure out what will be best for her personality, and her overall feeling she would like to portray on her special day!

Au Naturel

I chose the "Winnie" bohemian gown for the "au natural" gal because it's important that she feels comfortable on her special day. This year's biggest trend for my bride's was to be "au natural"- her goal was to wear as little makeup as possible... with barely there nudes, pale pinks, and soft apricots to compliment her natural beauty.  Quality products are a key investment to prep the skin before any makeup- I used Dior's DreamSkin to achieve this flawlessly natural look because it diffuses redness, pigmentation, and texture before any makeup is applied. While it is skincare, it's the ideal prep for the "au natural" bride!


Rompers are just too cute, but they are practical because you can wear them again and again after the big day!!! I chose the "Prato" romper for my Modern Bride who does things different. She sets her own rules, and does what works best for her and her future spouse- I worked with a lot of brides who eloped this year.  I think this is the perfect outfit if your venue is at city hall, your grandparents backyard, or even a fancy restaurant!  The modern bride is so sophisticated, she's classic at heart with her glowing skin and winged liner, but she likes to makes a statement with her modern hot pink lip color!!!! I love the Full Bodied Buxom Lipstick color "Exhibitionist" finished with "Priscilla" Nars Lip Gloss.


I thought the "Penelope" gown was so sexy with the sweetheart neckline, and so sweet with the blush hues sneaking through the sheer tulle skirt! As we transition seasons and get into the cooler weather, I start to see all the girls who love to wear makeup. The "glamorous" girls love their smoldering bedroom eyes and their seductive dark lips.... I thought this dress would be the perfect balance with a "glamorous" makeup look! Long lasting products are best for the gal who likes to wear darker colors, so if she tears up nothing is out of place!! ...and just in case a setting spray can't hurt! I've been loving the Urban Decay All Nighter Long Lasting Spray to secure my brides' seductive looks.

It was a fun project, thanks for including me!!! Check out Polyvore for any of the cosmetic links you'd like to look at.

What was your favorite gown + makeup look?

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