Engagement Sessions:
Amanda - Nightingale Photography
Taylor- Ashley Batz Photography
Alison - Em The Gem Photography
Christie (part 1 & 2) - Joielala Photography
Jess - Kate Harrison Photography
Kate - Kate Webber Photography
Gina - James Thomas Long Photography
Georgia - Taken By Light Photography
Emily - The Goodness
Genny- Colson Griffith Photography
Courtney - Ashley Maxwell Photography
Tierney - Jessamyn Harris Photography
Orianna - Michele Beckwith Photography
Michelle - Jessica Burke Photography

Brides on Their Wedding Day:
Vanessa - Delbarr Moradi Photography
Jess - Kate Harrison Photography
Kristina - Marielle Hayes Photography
Holly - Heidi Morgan Photography
Taylor - Edyta Szyszlo Photography
Monica - Ashley Maxwell Photography
LauraBeth - Ashley Maxwell Phitography
Megan - Ashley Maxwell Photography
Liz - Ashley Maxwell Photography
Jasmine - Ashley Maxwell Photography
Laura Beth - Ashley Maxwell Photography
Natalie - Carmen Alvarez Photography 
Gina - James Thomas Long Photography
Kristin - Jasmine Wang Photography
Jennifer - Micheal's Wedding Group
Alison - Em The Gem Photography 
Anna - Jamie Jones Photography
Nicole -  Gordon Kelly Photography
Emma - Kate Harrison Photography 
Christie -Joielala Photography
Kimmie - 1985 Luke Photography
Georgia - Taken By Light Photography
Jenn - Penny Dinn Photography
Sahar - Britt Renee Photography
Sejal - Rahel Menig Photography
Jessica - Danielle Poff Photography
Erin - Lindsey Hahn Photography
Genny - Colson Griffith Photography
Natalie - Simone Anne Photography
Amy - Logan Cole Photography
Emily - The Goodness
Jessica - Evan Chung Photography
Stephanie - K. Holly Photography
Michelle - Jessica Burke Photography

Hochzeits Guide Issue 3- Jose Villa Photography
Stonepine Estate- Jose Villa Photography
Glitter Guide Founder in Elle Magazine May 2013 - Bess Friday Photography
BoLee Bridal - Ashley Maxwell Photography
Fleur Envy - Ashley Maxwell Photography
Street View (Adriana)-ModCloth 
Susan Koger- ModCloth
Fantastical Voyage - ModCloth
Style Beyond the Aisle - ModCloth
Full of "Prom"-ise - ModCloth
Glitter Guide, Taylor - Edyta Szyszlo Photography
Glitter Guide, Blair - Michelle Drewes Photography
Miss Teen San Jose 2012, Haley - Ashley Batz Photography
Miss Teen San Jose 2012, Haley - Ashley Batz Photography 
JE Model, Joleen - Ashley Batz Photography
JE Model, Emmalee - Ashley Batz Photography
Gold + Red Wedding Inspiration - Green Wedding Shoes
Moody Forest Wedding Inspiration - Mike Radford
HotHead Accessories - Paul Ferradas
Glitter Guide For eLuxe - Michelle Drewes Photography

Dancer, Kiera Lloyd - Ashley Batz Photography
Valentine's Day, Glitter Guide - Michelle Drewes Photography
Estee Lauder & Glitter Guide - Video by Andrew Hsu
Real Girls, Real Beauty: 7 Beauty Looks for the New Year - Delbarr Moradi Photography
Pin To Win A New HP Ultrabook: Glitter Guide - VIDDYON

Fun Festival - ModCloth 
Pretty Pastels- ModCloth
1990's Makeup -Glitter Guide
1980's Makeup - Glitter Guide
1970's Makeup - Glitter Guide
Lovely Lip Colors for Valentines Day - Bare Minerals
Beauty Thursday, Valentines Day - Glitter Guide
Beauty Thursday- Glitter Guide
Everyday Vintage Eye Look- BareMinerals
Perfect Red Pout - BareMinerals
Quick Touch Ups- BareMinerals
No Makeup, Makeup Look - BareMinerals

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