Saturday, June 18, 2011

Wild Child at Work

My typical "Makeup Artist" work look: Hair twisted up, BIG hoops, all black attire, wedges or Tory Burch flats...LASHES and a nude lip. My go-to eye shadow is Club from MAC. It's black, brown, gold, and green depending on the lighting. It's kinda like a mood-shadow, it transitions depending on what you are wearing, or what other colors you blend with it. Over all my personal favorite foundation to work in is BareMinerals original Foundation and I have to use this brush because I like a full coverage. I prefer to "work" in this foundation because it's water resistant so I have barely any movement or necessity to touch up.

Do you have a "look" that you associate with work??

Eyebrows are my signature look, without them I feel naked!
My favorite patterns are animal prints: My wardrobe, my home decor, and now my NAILS thanks to
Sally Hansen's Wild Child Polish Strips

I've had a busy past two days, volunteering at a High School grad night, and working with Lycee J. on her music video. Stay tuned for pictures :)



Corrin said...

I love wearing all black and having your nails be the focal point!

Arleene said...

Awesome look, very much a work look for me as well. Emphasis on the eyes and a great nude lip is my go-to look. I'm such a fan of Club too! It looks great on everyone. BTW these lashes you're wearing are fantastic!

Angela said...

Super look! J'aime ton bague!Bisous
Angela Donava

Jazzy E (hivenn) said...

Amazing. x hivenn

Priscilla Francine Makeup said...

Corrin, its fun being able to be so detailed because its unexpected and people are always in awe of decorative nails!!

Thanks Arlene!! They're MAC lashes.

Thank you ladies for your sweet words

JennaBrooke said...

Love this look. I tend to do a nude lip and bronzer for work as well. Also, I just got a manicure with bubble bath (inspired by your earlier post) and I loved it. Nice alternative to mademoiselle.

The Procrastinator said...

Your lashes are so lovely! And the nails are perfect =)

Priscilla Francine Makeup said...

JennaBrooke I am so glad I could inspire you!!

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