Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Summer Lovin'

If you work hard, you will be rewarded. It may be tough some days, and you will want to give up...but hang in there!!!! I have given up so many gatherings, trips, and days at the beach...and looking back I am so thankful I put my time in to learn and work hard. Right now I feel so blessed. My future is unclear, but the glimpses I have had these past few months give me a strong feeling I am going to be LOVING my summer. I am prepared and determined to have the best summer of my life...everything is coming together. It took a while...sigh, lots of tears, sweat, and swollen little feet...but my dreams are coming true.
Remember, be determined, be passionate...and ALWAYS love what you do!!

Summer collections are already arriving! Are you ready?? I know I am! Teals and vibrant oranges are the hottest colors to add to your makeup collection! Make sure you change up your fragrance, and add a light fresh scent to your wardrobe! Here are a few items to get you in the mood for Summer:
Nars: Limited Edition Blush & Bronzer Cheek Trio.
Bobbi Brown High Shimmer Lip Gloss-Bellini

Dior 'Addict -Summer Look Lipstick Fire 545
Lancome Artliner (Waterproof) Beach Gem
MAC's Flighty Zoom Lash - High Esteem
Deborah Lippmann- Lara's Theme
Giorgio Armani's Acqua di Gioia

Are you excited for Summer? What are your plans???




jillian m. said...

Ooooh, I love that coral nail polish. And I've always wanted to try colored mascara (maybe in blue or green?). I feel like it's such a fun and different look that you never see anyone wearing! I'm keeping my eye on that Mac Flighty Zoom Lash.

Priscilla Francine Makeup said...

Make sure to use a primer (white base) first and than the color will be more vibrant!!! also...you can use your regular black on the top lashes, and the color on the bottom to mix things up

Corrin said...

I love the new colors from Deborah Lippman. I love that orange, and then the coral color (Girl's Just Want to Have Fun) and the periwinkle one (I Know What Boys Like). If I liked Yellow I would probably like the yellow one too.

Priscilla Francine Makeup said...

@ Jillian, a few tips for colored mascara: use a primer beforehand so the true color shows up more vibrant. You can also use black first and just touch the tips with the color. Have fun!

@ Corrin, I really love the yellow brick road, but it comes out very sheer-try Chanel's Mimosa!!!

Anonymous said...

I love that nail color, it's such a perfect orange shade

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