Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Christmas is about Giving!

This will be a short post...since I am hosting dinner tonight and need to start cooking! I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas this year with your loved ones, and have an opportunity to do a good deed for someone today or before the year ends.

Katie Wiley Photography
Matte Lipstick by Radiant Cosmetics {Moscow}

Necklace by Kate Spade
Most of the time we are focused on ourselves and what we can get out of a situation, but going out of our way to give back always feels way better in the end. A few days ago, I was applying some foundation and doing a little contouring on my client to even out their skin tone... and when I was done I realized how they just needed to be heard and they needed to feel loved at that moment. Makeup has some incredible healing powers, this can relate to those who are artists- use your talent to change lives!!  Or you as a consumer, who loves cosmetics... buy products that give back to the community!

Ok, this post is getting longer than I expected...but you get my point right?! Christmas is a time to remember those in need however big or small the need is.

Merry Christmas my friends.

Priscilla Francine 


goodbadandfab said...

Just lovely! =)

personal style and fashion musings of a LA fashion lawyer living life in the fab lane!

Ashley Maxwell said...

You and James are seriously the most beautiful couple....dying to photograph you two again!!! Hope your Christmas was incredible..Miss you PRIS!

Heather @ Glitter and Gloss said...

You are gorgeous, and your hubby is pretty darn cute too ;)

Hope you had a Merry Christmas, and YES - all about giving back!!

Happy New Year!

Priscilla Francine Makeup said...

Aww thanks girls!! You're all so sweet.

Oh, Ash!! I hope you already know once we have kids you will be taking all our family pictures xoxo love you!

Visceral Maze said...

you look beautiful in red.

Sir David said...

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