Thursday, July 21, 2011

My very own Makeup Office

I love art in many forms, and one that I am constantly researching and dreaming about is home interior designs. I have been contemplating creating a makeup room, a.k.a an office...we are moving soon so now I have the opportunity to make it a reality. I have a few items on my wish list...

1. Colors 42 painting by Jen Ramos
2. PB Classic Glass Canisters (Monogramming available) by Pottery Barn
3. Menswear Trays by West Elm
4. Cherie Dressing Table by Anthropologie

5. 30 Mini Lipstick Poster by Emmakisstina
6. Glass Vanity by Crate & Barrel
7. Live What You Love letter press by MadeByGirl
8. Bell Jar by Crate & Barrel

What a great place to hide ALL my extra cosmetic supplies!! CB2's Versus Galvanized Trunk

Ok...Now that I have the foundation (no pun intended) of what this makeup office will look like I need to start shopping!

Any thoughts???



The Procrastinator said...

That lipstick picture is to die for! And I think the trunk with the Anthropologie table would be such a nice juxtaposition of girly and industrial =)

Nelah said...

Your dream makeup room sounds beautiful with all the elements you described. I am dreaming about a light colored room with tons of natural light and white curtains.

Would you be interested in being my first guest blogger on my blog? I like your blog a lot and would like to introduce your beautiful blog to my readers, if so please email me. My email is listed on my sidebar. Would love to share your artistic talents :)

Sherry said...

Yay! How exciting to move and finally get the chance to have a little office!! Love the artwork and the glass tray! :)

JennaBrooke said...

Absolutely love the Colors 42 painting. The anthropologie dressing table is so pretty as well.

Don't forget to mix form with function... sometimes I get a bit carried away by how something looks to realize soon after that it's not spacious enough.

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